Underground and Utility, Excavation and Grading, Foundation and Steel Work, Security and Portals

Underground and Utility, Excavation and Grading, Foundation and Steel Work, Security and Portals

Underground and Utility, Excavation and Grading, Foundation and Steel Work, Security and Portals
Pangea Group Self-Performs Civil Construction Services
Pangea Group performs a full range of civil construction services to various governmental agencies, utilities, institutions and commercial clients throughout the continental United States.

Pangea has experience in a variety of civil construction projects including:

Large Emergency Repairs
Sewer Construction
Deep Sewer Construction
Pipe and Manhole Rehabilitation
Concrete Channels and Walls
Water Lines / Force Mains
Transmission Tower Foundations
Spill Prevention Control &
Scrubber Support Work
Electrical Duct Banks
HDPE Pipelines

Pangea has supported many clients' companies with excavation and clearing including creation of parking lots, access roads and storm drainage systems. Pangea crews have performed installation of geotextile and geomembrane liners and land fill caps.

Work is performed with full-time Pangea crews on Pangea-owned heavy equipment.

Pangea has completed numerous tasks that have included the installation of hundreds of steel reinforced concrete piers and foundations mostly to support a variety of substation transformers and structures such as Catastrophic Oil Spill Containment Facilities. In addition to new foundations, Pangea has also modified existing concrete foundations and demolished/removed existing foundations.

Pangea also can set related rebar and steel frame structures with craft labor.

Pangea has experience in security traffic management and related infrastructure elements and building security components including: fencing, railing, bollards, alarm systems, access systems, monitoring systems, gate houses, security portals, traffic islands, and impact attenuators

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Pangea has been involved with over 1200 diverse construction projects, with a wide range in contract value and complexity, across the United States. Pangea has significant experience in working with various entities of the U.S. Government, such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Air Force, Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Pangea has also performed work for private sector clients in the healthcare, utilities and petrochemical sectors.

Pangea’s business approach to deliver projects is based on partnering with customers, subcontractors, and other program stakeholders. This approach has proven successful on several multi-task programs and has helped develop a reputation for saving clients money and delivering projects on schedule.

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We are ready to support your next project with proven solutions.
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