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Pangea Group is proud to serve Government, Utilities, Commercial and Industrial clients throughout the United States

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Pangea Group performs professional services including Engineering and Surveying, Facility Construction, Civil Construction and Environmental Services for clients in the government, utility, commercial and industrial sectors.


Pangea has proven strong credentials as a very capable federal prime contractor that include a variety of civil and facility construction projects; new construction, repairs, maintenance, renovation, remediation and demolition/deconstruction. These projects have been performed for various entities in geographic locations across the continental United States. Our accounting system has been audited annually by the DCAA for cost-reimbursable and fixed price contracts. Pangea has successfully managed millions in MATOC and ID/IQ tasks through a proven and effective Quality Control Program and maintained outstanding levels of customer service and satisfaction.


Companies have relied on Pangea’s experience in a variety of construction projects to support power transmission and distribution systems, stormwater and sewerage systems and fresh water supplies. Pangea has performed work for Power Generation facilities installing HDPE pipe, Gypsum Stack Force Mains and valve vaults and general site support work. Including Pangea’s Engineering and Surveying Division, over one-third of our work is serving the Energy Industry. Pangea understands the hazards involved on these jobsites and holds daily safety meetings for our employees, subcontractor employees and inspects the job site before any work is begun. Pangea’s experienced team ensures jobsite safety for whoever may be onsite.


Pangea has been involved in varied projects for clients in the commercial industry from minor interior remodel/renovation projects to design/build expansion projects. Pangea has worked closely with the client to minimize disruption and hazards to workers carrying on their daily business while projects are underway. Pangea often works under Master Service Agreements (MSA) to offer clients the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and speed when services are needed. Our team is experienced in working under government and industry guidelines such as Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC), Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Industrial facilities undergoing development, renovations and expansions often present multiple potential hazards and require an absolute commitment and adherence to safety at the worksite. Attaining such a level of performance requires continuous management involvement in project planning and implementation of programs. Pangea’s business approach to deliver projects is based on partnering with customers, subcontractors, and other program stakeholders. This approach has proven successful on several multi-task programs and has helped develop a reputation for saving clients money and delivering projects on schedule.

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