Pangea Sample Contract Vehicles

Pangea has active contracting vehicles that are available for clients to conveniently access our services with quick notice. Using these existing contracts has several advantages such as:

• Expedited Response Times
• Pre-Negotiated Terms and Conditions
• Cost-reimbursable or Fixed-price Compensation

Our current Regional or Nationwide contracts include:

Contract Agency/Contract
Contract Number
Scope of Work
USACE, Kansas City District/SMART W912DQ-08-0044 Environmental Remediation
USACE, Buffalo District/MARC W912P4-07-D-0044 Environmental Remediation
Shaw Health & Safety 436681 Services
GSA, Environmental Services/BOA GS-10F-0483M Environmental Services
GSA/MOBIS GS-10F-0115N Services
Missouri National Guard W912NS-08-D-0016 Construction
DOE/Honeywell/IDIQ 2130 Construction
Oak Ridge Y-12/MATOC 23900-BA-FS501F Construction
Washington Group/IDIQ Pine Bluff Arsenal 11000812 Construction
Ameren/Facility Construction 340846 Facility Construction
AECOM Services   Construction & Services
Ameren Site Construction   Construction
Ameren Engineering Services   Engineering
St. Louis Development Corp.   Misc Engineering Services

Program Contact:

Michael Zambrana
Pangea Group
2604 S. Jefferson Ave
St. Louis, MO 63118

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